Refer a Family Campaign

How it works

When you refer Five New Families to join Highridge, you earn a free membership for the year. 

Refer a family

Existing and New Highridge Swim & Tennis Club members can earn a free membership each calendar year by referring Five New Family Plan members to join Highridge through the Reward a Family program.

Rules & Restrictions
  • Sponsor a New Family Plan member through the Reward a Family program via the Highridge website.
  • Each time a New Family joins Highridge, the sponsoring Highridge member receives $50 Credit on their snack bar card.
  • Existing and New Highridge members can sponsor up to 5 New Family Plan members each year.
  • All New Family Plan members must sign up via the Highridge Swim & Tennis Club website, and must provide their sponsor's name
  • New Family Plan members cannot retroactively designate an existing Highridge sponsor. Sponsorship must be determined at the time of New Family Plan member's enrollment for the current year.
  • Highridge Swim & Tennis Club reserves the right to end the Reward a Friend program at any time.

The Reward a Family program is available for the current calendar year and the Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate or modify the program at any time without additional compensation to referrers other than the $50 Snack bar credits offered for each referral. The referral is only valid for new Family memberships (valued at $1,100). The referred family will have to fill out an online application form and enter the referrer’s family name in the appropriate field on the form. The referrer family will earn a free family membership once Highridge management is able to ascertain that 5 new Family memberships signed up, properly indicated them referrer family in the application form, and paid for the membership in full.

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